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WHY CHOOSE Neelu Matchmaking

People often wonder why would anyone need the help of a personal matchmaker to find their life partner. Nowadays there are so many dating apps and websites which claim to offer a similar service, so “why use a personal matchmaker?”

“Why use a personal matchmaker?”

Lets face it, we all lead busy lives with not enough hours in the day to even do all the basic tasks that we all have. Who has the time to go through hundreds of online profiles and filter out the undesirables ones and then go onto shortlist the profiles further!

Even if we do so, majority of times it ends in heart break as many profiles online can be inaccurate.

We all make a ‘to do’ list and make New Years’ resolutions, but how many times are the same items on that list year after year, which includes finding yourself a partner! Finding that life partner is so important for many of us but unfortunately this has become ever more difficult with the fast paced life that we all lead.

Matchmaking for professionals these days means engaging services of a professional matchmaker in the same manner you may engage a wedding planner; the matchmaker shares your vision and embarks on the journey with you to find you that life partner.

So why choose my company, Neelu Match Making:

  • We offer a very personalised service. We make thoughtful and intelligent matches with like minded people. You will have someone who is actively ‘out there’ looking for a suitable match for you, rather than leaving matters just to ‘chance meetings’.
  • We only accept clients for whom we feel that we can confidently find life partners. We believe in quality over quantity. We specialise in high calibre professional and affluent business people.
  • We would like to be that trusted and supportive friend who will support and guide you through this journey of yours. Meeting people with the purpose of marriage can be tiring, emotionally draining and sometimes a long journey, so it is important that you have someone there who can offer the encouragement and support that will make all the difference between you giving up or seeing the journey through till you find your soul mate.
  • One of the most important things we will do is spend time with you to really get to know you so that we can understand exactly what you are looking for in your life partner. Even the smallest detail will help eliminate those matches which are not suitable for you. Instead, we will help bring forward hand-picked introductions that share similar interests, ambitions, aspirations, and family backgrounds, all of which are hugely important when you’re looking to get married.
  • This service is highly confidential & discreet. Many of our clients are in the public domain or well known in their communities, so this confidentiality aspect is high on their list.
  • We understand that our clients have busy lives and can mostly speak at a time convenient to them. We can often arrange for them to speak to us in the evenings or weekends.
  • For our international clients, we have the convenience of a 24/7 telephone service where someone will be able to help you.
  • Our clients are all vetted to ensure that they are genuine and we try to verify as much of their personal details as possible.
  • We are registered with ABIA (Association of British Introduction) and ICO, which means we operate in an open and ethical manner and have a strict code of conduct with high level data protection.
  • We have associations with international agencies including India, Canada, and the USA amongst other countries which widens the net to find potential partners for you.