Choosing the venue for the first date

By Neelu Matchmaking

Oh, the joy of dressing up & being on your A-game, and going out on a romantic dinner with your date! No matter how excited we might be, we cannot ignore the nerves that come along. From ‘How much to share?’ to ‘What topics to avoid?’ our emotions are on a roller coaster ride. But the important question is – ‘Who shall choose the venue for the date?’

Men often prefer to let women pick the venue because they believe that women are born planners. Now while that may be true, the venue for the date should not be picked by just a single person, but rather by both individuals. Planning dates together can be fun and a source of getting to know the likes and dislikes of your potential partner, setting the tone for a cooperative relationship that fulfils both of your needs.

When choosing the venue for the date, both should share things about what they like to eat or what they like to watch. If you present them with a customized date based on their interests, they will be pleasantly surprised! Moreover while picking the venue, always remember that ‘Atmosphere is key.’