Why Marriage is Important in Modern Times

By Neelu Matchmaking

At Neelu’s Matchmaking, we strive to help you find romance, trust, and compatibility – essential components to a healthy marriage. Marriage is a cultural and legal union between people which establishes the rights and responsibilities between spouses. In our modern society, some question whether marriage still holds any relevance, importance, or value. However, most of them do not understand why until they get married.

The Sanctity of Marriage

The formality of marriage holds significant legitimacy and respect within society. For many, it is a spiritual union that marks the beginning of a bond to connect with your partner physically, emotionally, and spiritually. In many religions, the piousness of a wedding cannot be understated. For example, in ancient times, Hindu lawmakers believed that marriage was a permanent union of two souls that lasts for seven lifetimes.

Traditional Families and their Importance in Society

We believe that marriage not only has significant individual benefits for the partners in involved but also in generating a more responsible, productive society. Marriage facilitates social bonding and improves economic standing and social capital. As we help you find a partner who you are compatible with, and who supports you, it is important to strengthen relationships for a happy and fulfilling union. Marriage teaches each counterpart the value of patience, commitment, compassion, and respect. As these tenets are built between couples, they form a unique sense of belonging that allows them to be honest and vulnerable with each other, without an underlying fear of abandonment. Furthermore, marriage can offer each person a great deal of personal development. Marriage is the assurance of a support system for a lifetime. It offers partners to dream together, listen to one another, and engage with different perspectives to become the best versions of themselves. This is our ultimate aim at Neelu’s Matchmaking.


Fundamentally, marriage provides stability. Whilst some parents retain live-in relationships, they are still taboo in many parts of the world and, most importantly, are not legally recognized. For couples that have a family in mind, marriage comes with a responsible state of mind where each person is responsible for the other, and retains certain rights, protections, and obligations. Therefore, it is a far more binding and safe union that is still one of the building blocks of a healthy family. Live-in relationships are essentially uncertain, with the easier ability to abandon a partner and child. This has detrimental effects on children, with statistics proving that children living with their biological, married parents have better physical, emotional, and academic well-being – to say nothing of the significant stress to the parents involved. Considering these reasons, Neelu’s Matchmaking can support you in finding a serious partner with the same goals in mind.