Choosing Venues for First Date

By Neelu Matchmaking

So finally, the Date to meet face –face has arrived, how exciting is that!

When planning a first date, you want to make sure it goes really well and hopefully you have another chance to plan a second date as well. It’s good to have a solid plan; an idea of what you’re doing and where exactly you want to take your date.

One golden rule you MUST remember “First meetings should always be in public places and NEVER at each other’s houses

Here is a list of places you could consider to go with your First Date

  • Meeting for coffee in a nice setting
  • Meeting for a drink at the pub
  • Visiting an art gallery
  • Sharing your hobbies if you have known the person enough over your text and phone calls
  • Walk in a scenic park
  • Sharing outdoor activity (cycling, hiking, walk in countryside)
  • Visit a museum
  • Fun activities like bowling, ice skating, roller skating, arcade gallery
  • Visit a jazz bar
  • Go to a botanic garden if your date enjoys nature and gardening
  • Go for a comedy show