The Importance of a Healthy Relationship

By Neelu Matchmaking

At ‘Neelu’s Matchmaking’, we strive to help you find a partner you are not only initially compatible with and attracted towards, but with whom you can build a strong, successful, and thriving relationship in the long term. A healthy relationship takes work but we believe that the end result of open communication, trust and stability is incredibly important to strive towards.

Open Communication

Firstly, a key component of a healthy relationship is  open communication. Rather than  knee-jerk  reactions to problems, open communication signifies stability in a relationship. When couples feel they can safely and openly communicate through both problems and solutions, they can respect each other as equals. This results in a less stressful partnership that is able to work through inevitable peaks and pitfalls. From the initial meeting, our service promotes open discussion during dates where couples are encouraged to share and listen to one another without external distractions.


Secondly, we believe trust is a major component of a  healthy relationship. A relationship bounded by trust not  only connotes a significant level of respect between each person but also gives the relationship a sense of purpose,   a quality that survives beyond an initial attraction into a lasting bond. Trust is arguably the most essential quality to sustain companionship, so that you can negotiate with your partner about what matters to you. With Neelu’s wealth of experience, we regularly check in on our clients to foster these fundamental traits for healthy, long term relationships.

Building a positive relationship

Overall, building positive relationships improves our feelings of security and happiness, with benefits both to our mental   and physical health. We hope you will contact Neelu’s Matchmaking to help you develop these traits in the search for your own partner.