Think like an investor.

By Neelu Matchmaking

Have you ever thought about deciding on a potential life partner in the same way as deciding on an investment?

It can be easy to get caught up on the nitty gritty of someone’s appearance when considering a potential match, like what colour their eyes are or how tall they are etc… But is that what one should consider?

Think like an investor.

Even though most modern marriages are more likely based majorly on physical attractiveness,most couples that have been married for 10 years or more don’t think looks matter. And neither do we.

Just like any other investment in life; your school, your job and especially your money, believe it or not a relationship is also an investment! A big one… Ideally, you should receive a good return for what you are investing … Which is you, the core of you.

So you may be thinking ‘how do I get a good return?’ It’s no surprise that how attractive someone is can play a major role in initial stages. Note that we said ‘initial’.

But however attractive the initial investment may be, you must take a backseat and focus on what risks or benefits may be involved so it doesn’t cost you your money later down the line.

As 10 years down the line couples claim to connect on a very different level altogether!

In the long run, understanding the risks and benefits of a person just like you would for an investment will take you a longer way than merely prioritising what meets the eye.

Think like an investor.

That’s why here at Neelu Matchmaking as your long-term investment advisors; we understand you and your dating pool and introduce you to someone who is not only a good return on your investment but also someone who invests in you and finds you investable!

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